On Being a Pioneer

Bellen imagined and is the pioneer of the first inclusive school supplies brand & "skin color" crayons that influenced even the biggest brand and an industry to follow. 
Though coloring and some crayons had been around for decades, so had  "the skin color" and "flesh" language.  Bellen, hoping to grow spaces, decided it was time to take things in a direction every single kid could celebrate-- and create a product with heart from the heart--for all.   Her solution, innovation, compassion, empathy and her More than Peach crayons have forever changed the "skin color" language and positively impacted our world.  Like NEVER before.

Multicultural Skin Tone Crayons | Diversity Message | More Than Peach


Bellen's ability to honor and understand her value while recognizing others without exclusion have been inspiring to watch and from which to learn. When the suggestion was made to Bellen to offer the brown crayon instead of the peach, Bellen very thoughtfully declined--thinking critically and seeking a more inclusive solution. Her response managed to change the interactions in her classroom from that point forward. It reminds us adults of the wisdom, leadership, and unlimited potential of our youth and the importance of showing both courage & humility in our spaces.

We are in awe of this now 10-year-old academic (Did we mention she's a Mensa member and grade-skipper?) and empathetic leader.  She was able to do what most adults can only hope: change age-old language and perceptions in her own space and expand her reach to changing the language and being a hero to children and adults across the country and around the world.  And her mission's tremendous influence (Since Spring 2019) on even long-standing big brands is undeniable. (And,  crediting her work and influence if/when the genuine goal is representation, shows an understanding & commitment to the larger mission.)

Leading the charge utilizing her own creatively-designed, exclusive, and evolving brand of More than Peach™ products -- imagined, articulated, and advanced by her--  Bellen and More than Peach have now become a part of our history that will endure in our hearts and minds.