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My company began first as a project and by donating products to spread joy; build empathy; and invest in our spaces. It's now become the world's first multicultural art brand and is a Kid/Woman/Black owned business.  I was confused that once a single crayon was named “flesh” and that more recently friends called only the peach crayon “skin color” and I wanted to help grow the language for safer spaces. Why? Because that’s when magic happens! 

"There's no coloring rule back to my drawing." ❤️-Bellen

A Video Message from Bellen...Why More than Peach?

From The More than Peach® Team

Bellen Woodard is the now 11-year-old CEO and Founder of More Than Peach®, the World’s 1st Crayon Activist® & the creator of the first multicultural art brand/company! 

Since spring of 2019, she has been the creative genius behind the start and expansion of Bellen's More Than Peach® Project — the vision and philanthropic effort she single-handedly imagined & pioneered to place multicultural  crayons in the hands of all students.

Bellen’s work has since gone on to become a national movement and is the influence behind recent moves by a leading art brand while also influencing many others to reconsider their efforts. (She is not a partner of the leading brand and because of the tremendous amount she's poured into creating, building, and leading her own pioneering brand and company, it is important that any highlight of her work and products--exclusively, MORE THAN PEACH-- also stand alone to avoid exploitation by a large brand with a long history that "acted" after her More than Peach movement was well underway.) Her relentless work and empathetic spirit have allowed her to build a growing and successful brand to include her own innovative line of exclusive More Than Peach® multicultural and rainbow crayons and more!

And she is making history.  More Than Peach® crayons are now being permanently held by the Virginia Museum of History and Culture (VMHC) and the Science History Institute (and more to be announced!) The Virginia General Assembly, Virginia’s legislative body, also passed the “Bellen Bill” in recognition of Bellen’s visionary leadership by way of her More Than Peach Project as well as her shown academic excellence (She is a straight-A student whose love of learning is a key motivator). Owning More Than Peach crayons is owning a piece of history!

But most of all, Bellen is an 11-year-old who works hard, plays harder, and strives to make the most of her spaces and to change the crayon at a time.

“Bellen’s ability to honor and understand her value while recognizing others without exclusion is inspiring to watch.  When the suggestion was made to her to offer the brown crayon instead of the peach, Bellen very thoughtfully declined--thinking critically and seeking a more inclusive solution.  Her response managed to change the interactions in her classroom from that point forward. It reminds us adults of the wisdom, leadership, and unlimited potential of our youth and the importance of showing both courage & humility in our spaces."


First, extra special love to amazing educators who I've had the pleasure to learn from and growing with and thank you to educators around the globe.  

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