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Classroom/School/School District bulk requests and donations, can be made by completing the More than Peach Request Form found here. 

In 2019, I pioneered the mission and then the first inclusive crayon brand to increase representation and grow classroom spaces.  It started with the goal to change the conversation by allowing my crayons to have a conversation with all students so "no kid is disincluded."  This was a never-before-seen approach with innovative products.  Others have now followed my lead and, yes,  I think it’s important to credit & dignify my voice, ideas, and products!  But it shows that my inaugural mission of representation, empathy,  and leadership are as important as when launched back in 3rd grade.  And I'm helping. make big change happen through More than Peach--the only brand known to change the crayon at a time.

After learning that a single crayon was named flesh years ago, I decided to create a brand of quality multicultural crayons and art supplies that — for the first time ever — would really, actually help grow empathy, leadership, and creativity of kids around the globe! More Than Peach was created to represent a genuine mission and spirit and to inspire all. <3-Bellen

 You can now bring More than Peach® Rainbow and Multicultural crayons and colored pencils to your school and district!


Bulk crayon options with special savings are currently available to educators and nonprofits working directly with students. Click here to download a request form or send an email to to proceed. School address and school email are required. We have also partnered with Sprout School Supplies and you may contact your school supplies distributor to request More Than Peach. Bellen’s brand is More Than Peach. None other. :)


Dear Educators: We welcome you to share your students' letters, artwork, and other creative pieces with Bellen! Please send an email to or mail hardcopies to the following:
Bellen's More than Peach Project
PO Box 3182
Leesburg, VA 20177
You can also share on social media at the following: 
Twitter (@BellenTheBee)/ 
Facebook (@MoreThanPeach) 
Instagram (@MorethanPeachProject)

See Scholastic Cover Story: "A Color for Everyone" by Nicole Tocco  Back to School Issue, August 2020

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 Now In Stock: The More than Peach Educator's Palette

The highly anticipated Educator’s Palette, a custom educator’s bundle, was created especially for use by educators and nonprofits working directly with students to further the More Than Peach messages of empathy, leadership, and creativity. This custom bundle includes Bellen’s exclusive Palette Packets, the brand-new and uniquely-tailored More Than Peach Educator’s Toolkit...and more! Orders for the Educator’s Palette can be completed online by visiting the site’s store. Click here.



About the Educator's Toolkit: 

The Educator’s Toolkit is to provide a resource to educators to share with their students the More Than Peach™ project and to inspire students to value identities and differences beyond their own; and to grow empathy, leadership and creativity to be leaders of today and tomorrow — similar to what Bellen was able to do with a single idea. While the toolkit is written for educators working with older elementary school students, the activities are malleable for younger and older students by changing the vocabulary and examples chosen to fit your students. We trust the expertise also of front line educators and ask that you extract from this resource its spirit to make lessons your own to best serve all your students.

The Toolkit consists of almost 40 pages of valuable content and activities and is continuously expanded upon. In its current form, this toolkit may be introduced over a quarter and is divided into the following modules: Connect, Lead, and Learn with three lessons per module. Examples of included lessons are as follows: Bellen’s Story, Respecting Differences, Including Everyone, Equality vs. Fairness, and Allies.

The More Than Peach Educator’s Toolkit works as a supplement to purposeful work to enhance the teaching of your students. We also welcome any feedback that you might have as you work through these modules with your students so that we can continuously improve this resource for other educators. Our hope is that through this toolkit, your students will not only develop the hard skills of learning about race, culture, and other aspects of their identities, but that they will also grow many of their soft, socio-emotional skills as well.

In designing this toolkit, our goals were to make sure that students would also learn life skills, like empathy, perspective-taking, and intellectual curiosity among many other indicators of emotional intelligence. We know that the work of an educator is not easy — and having challenging conversations about empathy and inclusion with adults can be hard for adults let alone elementary school-aged children, but we applaud you for having the courage and conviction to teach your students about these topics and to strengthen their abilities to live in a more socially just and equitable world.

Thank you!

The More than Peach™ Education Team
Patrick Wu, B.A., Career Educator
Dr. Charles Barrett, Ph.D. Career Child Psychologist
Byron Woodard, M.Ed., Career Educator
& Bellen, Founder, Student & the World's 1st Crayon Activist