Bellen's More than Peach™ Project & Brand [est. 2.2019] by World's 1st Crayon Activist

"There's no coloring rule be you. BRILLIANT."™

—  ❤️ Bellen, President More than Peach

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MORE THAN PEACH Crayons: I named them ALL 'skin color' and there's so much more!

Confused why a single crayon was being called “the skin color” crayon and learning it was once named flesh by a brand, Bellen created More than Peach—a revolutionizing & innovative brand of "many beautiful colors" to celebrate brilliance and to “really, actually” grow spaces (after having changed the language in her own classroom and school).

Engineered & inspired by a child’s compassion and wisdom, she creatively decided the shades would be named after natural landmarks and--ALL--called “skin color." The second box, More than Peach Rainbow Crayons, consists of even #more beautiful shades (Think ROY G BIV.)!


More than Peach™️ is making an inspiringly positive impact in classrooms everywhere while also taking the art industry by storm. It all began in Spring 2019 by then 8-year-old Bellen because of the need to grow classrooms and an industry—and to get multicultural crayons in the hands of every student. A kind pioneer (and inspiration to many), Bellen single-handedly pioneered this never-before-seen mission and values most that kids hold a More than Peach product and instantly know the power of "KIDHOOD!" Created for all a kid.

Though Bellen’s tremendous influence has led even the “big brand” to reconsider access, she's proud to have created her very own brand that started that way! (Please note that Bellen is not a partner to the "big brand." Acknowledging her work and influence go hand-in-hand with inclusion and in advancing the larger mission, voice, and dreams of a young visionary; continued thanks to all who have.)

Browse the site to learn #more about the More Than Peach movement and how to be involved! More than Peach: made with everyone in mind — for brilliant spaces.

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Just Announced! MORE THAN PEACH by Bellen available NOW for PREORDER

Written by Bellen Woodard, Illustrated by Fanny Liem, Published by Scholastic, Inc.

The inspiring new children's book, MORE THAN PEACH, has just been announced and is now available for preorder at all major bookstores. Learn more & preorder your copy today at Scholastic, Target, Barnes & Noble, Indigo...and more!

Skin Color Crayons | Diversity in the Classroom | More Than Peach Colored Pencils

Bellen Woodard: Founder and Pioneer of The More than Peach Project and "Skin Color" Crayons, World's 1st Crayon Activist™, and Scholastic Back-to-School Cover Story!

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Skin Color Crayons | Diversity in the Classroom | More Than Peach Crayons

Bellen Named TIME Magazine Top-5 Honoree for 1st-ever Kid of the Year !

KOTY Segment Featuring Bellen
Skin Color Crayons | Diversity in the Classroom | More Than Peach

2020 Anti-Defamation League Honoree

ADL Segment with Bellen, Interviewed by Olivia Boisson

Bellen Receives Friend of Education Award from Teacher Association

Loudoun Education Association presented the 2020 Friend of Education Award to Bellen Woodard for affirming leadership in the classroom with her skin color crayons. Tremendous thanks to the LEA for its effective advocacy and advancements on behalf of the school community.

Bellen Receives 2020 Friend of Education Award

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