Bellen's More than Peach™ Project: World's 1st Crayon Activist - [est. 2.2019]

"There's no coloring rule be you. BRILLIANT."™

—  ❤️ Bellen

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Bellen's brand is none other than More than Peach™! More than Peach was created two years ago by then 8 year old Bellen to "get multicultural crayons in the hands of every student." She began donating a variety of products and went on to create her very own acclaimed More than Peach brand to achieve a bigger mission: advancing the empathy, leadership, and creativity for all students--excluding no one. Though More than Peach has now influenced even the "big brand" to tune in, Bellen pioneered the More than Peach mission to get multicultural crayons in the hands of all students while keeping all in mind. And part of what makes More than Peach special is that it was born from the innocence of a child--with everyone in mind--to recognize & dignify the voices, contributions, and talent of all. Browse the site to learn more about the More than Peach movement and how to be involved!

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More than Peach Multicultural Crayons

Bellen Woodard: Founder & Creator of The More than Peach Project & Crayons, World's 1st Crayon Activist™, & Scholastic Back-to-School Cover Story!

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I'm a Time/Nick Kid of the Year Finalist!

Bellen Named TIME Magazine Top-5 Honoree for 1st-ever Kid of the Year !

KOTY Segment Featuring Bellen

2020 Anti-Defamation League Honoree

ADL Segment with Bellen, Interviewed by Olivia Boisson

Bellen Receives Friend of Education Award from Teacher Association

Loudoun Education Association presented the 2020 Friend of Education Award to Bellen Woodard. Tremendous thanks to the LEA for its effective advocacy and advancements on behalf of the school community.

Bellen Receives 2020 Friend of Education Award

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