My Time/Time for Kids Article: Educating the Country with Secretary Cardona! by B. Woodard

My @time @timeforkids article is now live and one of the things that I loved most was that I was able to share voices of kids from around the country with the nation’s top educator. You can check it out hereBefore I left, Secretary Cardona asked what advice I had to give him and handed me his official notepad. So I left him a little note.😉 Our conversation was one of the most inspiring I’ve ever had and I now have it to inspire me both as a 10 year old kid & student and as President of More than Peach. I definitely accept the challenge to see today as an “opportunity to reimagine what school looks like.” Hope you do to. ❤️-Bellen, changing the crayon at a time.:)

Teachers have saved lives this year. We now have an opportunity to reimagine what school looks like. -Secretary Dr. Miguel Cardona

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