Named "One of Most Inspirational Kids by Scholastic!" Thanks so much, Scholastic! LOVE them! by B. Woodard

Seeing this post for the first time thanks to my grandmom —who doesn’t miss a thing😆! CONGRATULATIONS Brady, Jonah, Ethan, & Tokata and everyone here. And BIG thanks @scholasticinc for—well, for being Scholastic and understanding that #voices and #representation not only matter but are the only way to tell the whole story!


Repost from @scholasticinc

Meet the most inspirational kids we met in 2020!

🌟Bellen Woodard: Crayon activist who created her own brand of multicultural crayons to ensure every student is represented.

🌟Brady Jensenius: Made essential gear for frontline healthcare workers battling COVID-19.

🌟Jonah Larson: Used his crocheting skills to raise money to help others.

🌟Ethan LyBrand: Told jokes online to help lift people’s spirits during tough times. @mdaorg

🌟Tokata Iron Eyes: Became a leader in the fight against an oil pipeline.

Check out the stories of all 12 kids:

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