Thank You WTOP for Sharing! Thanks to Teachers and Families for #BeingTheChange! by B. Woodard

My More than Peach crayons and nonprofit were created with the goal to get multicultural crayons in the hands of all students so that no kid feels “disincluded.” This was after changing the “crayon language” and perspective in my own school building and community so the goal became to help bring that same type of change to all classrooms. It’s a part of who I am and I intend for my crayons—and more—to be around for a long, long time because #morethanpeach is about way #morethancrayons . It’s about empathy, youth leadership, and creativity! Big thanks to WTOP @wtopnews for sharing and biggest thanks always to educators—Dad, you, too!—and families because I think the classrooms and at home are where #MorethanPeach matter most. ❤️-Bellen

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