Thank You to the 8th Graders at The Rashi School! by B. Woodard

It’s an honor to be named Tamchui Project Honoree by the 8th graders at The Rashi School!

One of the most uncertain things to me at first was speaking with older kids—middle and high-schoolers—about More than Peach & ways to make sure absolutely no one is “disincluded” in their schools. But I wanted to and knew it was important...and so many others knew it too. It’s been worth it and, to be honest, once I get started any nerves pretty much go away.

Today, 8th graders shared that they chose me as this year’s honoree. They’re promising to do lots “to confront marginalization, microagressions, racism and anti-semitism” and soon they’re gonna do a More than Peach empathy project with the elementary kids and so glad to see my crayons/products being used exactly as I’d hoped! I’m very honored to be named their honoree and even more excited about them continuing to make change happen! ❤️-Bellen

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