Surprise Donation Time! by B. Woodard

When I began the More than Peach Project in spring of 2019, I pioneered the mission to get multicultural crayons in the hands of all students & wanted to create a brand that kept us all in mind. I’m proud to be the World’s 1st Crayon Activist with a big goal: to grow empathy, leadership, and creativity so that absolutely no kid is “disincluded”. And two years later, I’m hearing from kids around the world and it’s so inspiring to know that what I set out to do is actually happening. So I’m not stopping! Today, I was able to make a surprise donation to my favorite public library and met this awesome family who were busy reading away. (Sorry to interrupt, Guys!)☺️ Thanks to everyone for your support! If you want to learn more or even have questions about how you can bring More than Peach to your school or community, please visit or message! And If you need crayons and colored pencils added to your school supply list—why not #MorethanPeach?🤔❤️-Bellen

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