Some Rules of My Thumb! by B. Woodard

Growing! This is part of my story. And there’s more…than peach:). In a few days, I’ll get to share exciting news and some of what I’ve been working on for several months with #MorethanPeach. It’s a VERY exciting part of this journey that we’re all so much a part of. And I’m gonna need (a lot of) your help! But before then, I want to share a few lessons that I’m learning along the way in case it helps others too (kids & adults)— those just like me still learning and growing.

➕Settle? Why?
➕Expect & give grace.
➕Know your worth…and your influence! Just no need to assume another or another story is any more or less valuable, regardless of how big or how much it’s told!
➕Leave every space you’re invested in better than you found it!!

Thanks for ALL the love and can’t wait to share more. Until then, keep growing the language—and this world…one crayon at a time. Bbs! 

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