Shoutout to VA Museum of History! by B. Woodard

Virginia Museum of History & Culture-Feb 2021-“Changing the Commonwealth One Crayon at a Time”
thx @vmhceducation !

One of the moments that I’m most proud of is having my crayons added to the permanent collection at the state museum, the Virginia Museum of History & Culture @vmhc because this means they’ll be around for generations to inspire kids, teachers, and parents.

This month’s issue of the VHMC features me & my #MorethanPeach mission, and crayons (& Palette Packet). What I also want to share is that as #MorethanPeach continues to grow, what matters is that growing the classroom experience for each and every student is top priority so that kids can always be everything they’re intended to be. Thanks teachers, parents and students for all you’re doing out there! ❤️-Bellen

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