Quote Of The Day! by B. Woodard

This video speaks volumes. Sending lots of love and a HUGE thank you to Joshua, Nyomie, Noah, Edwin, Elijah, Hosea, & @lovenooksandnotebooks for sharing and connecting with More than Peach in the way that my heart hoped all kids would.

For those who may not know, my More than Peach multicultural/skin-tone crayons are Sahara, Zion, Oasis, Koko, Andes, Reef, Gobi, Serengeti, Denali, Inyo, Sandhill, and Canyon and made with everyone in mind so that no kid feels “disincluded.” I decided to name them all after natural landmarks because of landmarks’ natural beauty—kinda like us—but it was also very important that they were ALL really, actually named “skin-color” too. Why? Because once upon a time there was a single crayon called “flesh” and later it was called “the skin-color” crayon by my classmates. So my goal became to grow the language and change the narrative…one crayon at a time. And so it goes!

I may be the World’s 1st Crayon Activist… but definitely not the last! It’s still on. ❤️-Bellen

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