New Year, Same Mission! by B. Woodard

I’m happy to have started More than Peach to serve a larger mission. I’m not the “big brand” and they’re not me so I would just say that I think “product inclusion” really also means dignifying everyone, their ideas, and their contributions. And that’s always my goal: #MorethanPeach is about #MorethanCrayons! So in case you haven’t already, meet Sahara, Zion, Oasis, Koko, Andes, Reef, Gobi, Serengeti, Denali, Inyo, Sandhill, and Canyon—all also named “Skin color” and here to help grow empathy, leadership, and creativity so no kid feels “disincluded” and so that all kids can really, actually soar. “There’s no coloring rule book.”❤️-Bellen


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