Just Another Day Trying to Make Change! by B. Woodard

🐝 at work. Our student advisory council did a walk-through—an “audit” I now know —to share what we would like to see added, changed, or taken away in our second home—school—to make sure it’s a safe space for each one of us. We actually gave really good feedback and made great suggestions from the hallways, to the classrooms, to the offices—to make our school more and more welcoming for everyone. I shared but also learned from my fellow council members. What’s also really important is that my principal, Mr. Lani, listened as always and accepted our feedback.✅ My school’s about to explode with some really cool updates!! Voices and representation definitely matter. Thanks, Mr. Lani, Dr. @charlesabarrett and Mrs. @jills_rflife for being amazing leaders and advocates and for joining us yesterday—Excited about this! See below for a few of our suggestions.

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