HUGE Announcement… by B. Woodard

I promised & here goes! My More than Peach brand will launch @target this month on July 25th! And I kinda feel like my partnership with Target is on its way to coming full circle. We’re getting there! You may know that I’ve been a face for Cat & Jack since I was 6 but being the President of More than Peach [est.Spring 2019] and having my inclusive brand—that means so much to me—represented here is kinda a “bullseye” moment.:) There’s still LOTS of work to do because this effort is #morethancrayons. The goal? To get #morethanpeach in the hands of every kid and in every classroom and that it all becomes what I’m dreaming it will. Why? To keep growing classroom spaces so all kids thrive.  And something I value most is that kids see #morethanpeach and instantly know the power of childhood! They believe in me and I believe in them…and you! So on 7/25, please check out #morethanpeach on  And just stay tuned—because there’s #more and I’m going to need your help. Thx for supporting me in so many creative ways and truly believing in and knowing the power of what we can do…together!

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  • Can’t wait to find them here in Canada🇨🇦
    What a brilliant idea…my granddaughter is destined to be an artist and we need her to have these💕

    Julie Bannon

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