Named The Root’s Top 25 Futurist! by B. Woodard

I’m honored to be named among The Root’s Future 25! Here’s why it matters:

Too often, too many are underestimated though talent, aptitude, and innovation don’t discriminate.

And because you continued to share my story, innovation, & my #morethanpeach crayons+, big change happens and it continues happening every day in classrooms & families around the world. A new kinda change—started with a vision & crayons—that didn’t happen before. And I have the HUGE honor to hear & see it from kids & teachers first hand! Because of awareness and advocacy, quieter voices—mine is 1– are being heard—and credited, and memorialized. And history tells us that that doesn’t always happen. And so it goes and here we are! And I recognize and appreciate that. The goal: No kid is “disincluded” for being the human they’re intended to be.” And Im gonna to keep working super hard so we get THERE! Thanks to @the.root and thank YOU!❤️-Bellen, President & World’s 1st Crayon Activist:)

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