8 Questions with Mae Jemison by Bellen Woodard by B. Woodard

The conversation I recently had with Dr. Mae Jemison is now published online and in print by @time @timeforkids. (I’ll add to stories too). I heard Superintendent Dr. Nyah Hamlett say: “Instead of asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, ask them what they want to change.” So I asked Dr. Jemison, “What did you want to change?” And just like me, it was the world. And she did!❤️-Bellen

Read my TIME article here.

There were experiences that I had where growing up I questioned the fairness of society, sometimes the fairness of how people behaved toward others and it helped me think about making sure people were included going into the future and not telling folks what they couldn’t do just because of whom society perceived them to be.-Dr. Mae Jemison

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