Get Your Palette Packet Before It's Gone! by B. Woodard

They’re back!:) Once only a single crayon—peach—was named “flesh” and after hearing my classmates ask for “the skin color” crayon, I set out to hopefully change that thinking for once and for all. So when I started More than Peach 2 years ago, I became the creator of the goal to get multicultural crayons in the hands of all students but the bigger goal— was that no kid is “disincluded”! I’m working very hard and one of the things that still makes me very proud is that EVERY crayon and colored pencil in a More than Peach multicultural pack is really, actually named ‘skin color!” And kids, teachers, and parents get it! I’m also happy to share that the More than Peach crayons are even better (premium:)) and have grown a lot just like me! I’m proud, honored, AND excited and I really hope you use every bit of it to keep helping grow the language and perspectives at school and at home. And stay tuned because pretty soon there’s more coming that I think you’re going to love! Ty!

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