Extremely Honored to be be Recognized by ADL by B. Woodard

Tonight, I have the extreme honor to be recognized as a 2020 ADL Honoree & interviewed by Ms. Olivia Boisson @toughinatutu of corps de ballet at New York City Ballet & the first African-American to join the company in a decade. Past honorees include such inspirational figures as Mrs. Ruby Bridges and Congressman John Lewis who are among my heroes. “ADL is one of the nation’s leading civil rights and anti-hate organizations, founded over a century ago to protect Jewish people and relentlessly fight all forms of hate, in every community, to secure justice and fair treatment for all.” ADL In Concert Against Hate honors everyday heroes who have stood up against intolerance, extremism and injustice.”

From @adl_national : “In honoring you, we wish to recognize your leadership and determination through the “More Than Peach” project, which has helped ensure students, particularly those from communities of color, feel included and represented. Our hope is that your incredible story will motivate and inspire others, including the students who join us at the ADL Concert, to engage in advocacy and activism, as well as other efforts to stand up against all forms of bigotry and extremism.”

I invite you to join me tonight in celebration of the important work of the ADL. ❤️-Bellen

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