I'm Now a Sprout School Supplies' Partner! by B. Woodard

I created the More than Peach™️ mission & crayons to continue growing empathy, leadership, and creativity in schools. And sometimes I worried that what I started would be drowned out by a big brand with a much louder voice. But many (thank you!) were determined to credit my voice, crayons, and mission with dignity! And I’ve been determined to make sure no kid is “disincluded” for being the human they’re intended to be. Happy to see spaces and More than Peach grow. And excited to have Sprout School Supplies Company as a partner in the new school year to bring the newest More than Peach crayons/colored pencils/products to more and more classrooms. So...as you’re thinking about next year’s school supplies, hope you’ll consider More than Peach. (Much)More to come!:)❤️-Bellen

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