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Thanks for sharing about #MorethanPeach @americanmensa. For me, being a member has been another exciting opportunity to not only be challenged but to challenge. Brilliance is colorful and made up of lots of different talents and abilities so whatever yours are, they’re super important. Thanks to everyone, especially teachers, who support kids in so many creative ways and for letting kids be kids and helping give them their best options.

What does “Be you. BRILLIANT.” mean to you? ❤️ #morethanpeachproject

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Young Mensan Bellen Woodard is only 10 years old, but she’s already created her own line of crayons in tones that reflect the wide spectrum of skin colors she sees in the world. 🖍

To help other children grow their empathy and creativity in the classroom, she also created the @morethanpeachproject which takes the lead in getting rayons to schoolchildren across the country.

Her work recently landed her a well-deserved spot as @time’s Top-5 Kid of the Year Honoree.

📷: Britton Orrange—Nickelodeon
& TIME Magazine


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