Fighting for Freedom: Memorial Day Perspective by B. Woodard

Honoring all lives lost fighting for freedom. Learning about the Tulsa Massacre that happened 100 years ago on this day troubled me so much. Some of those massacred were former WWI soldiers still fighting for freedom but this time to stop the lynching of a 17 year old child. Freedom has definitely not been free.

As much as I love learning, sadly, History in school (though I do well) has never really been my thing. I feel the gaps and have always wondered about how those who are sometimes only a mention— Indigenous People, African Americans, women, children and so many more— must have been feeling, what they were thinking, and what else was really going on. I wondered why didn’t we know? Why did it always feel like we were hearing stories told from the same perspective of the same main characters? So on this day, I want to remember more of Memorial Day. Because now that I know, I see Memorial Day much differently. 🤍-Bellen

Image 1: Tulsa Massacre
Image 2: Korean War Memorial (Korea is often called “The Forgotten War.”)
Image 3: National Mall, Washington D.C.

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