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August 5th, 2022 by BOTWC Staff

They’re finally available in stores!

The “More Than Peach” project has launched a new crayon bundle at Target.

11-year-old Bellen Woodard is the founder of the “More Than Peach” initiative, an endeavor she launched after noticing the need for more color diversity in her box of crayons. She was in her elementary school class when she noticed that her friends would always ask for the “skin-color” crayon in reference to the color peach. As a brown-skinned girl, it made Bellen feel some type of way, almost like she wasn’t included. The then fourth grader went home to share her newfound grievance with her mother. 

“I think I just want to ask them what color they want because it could be any number of beautiful colors,” she told her mom. 

That’s when she got the idea for the initiative, creating supply kits for classrooms in her native home of Virginia that included a variety of drawing materials and a special box of Multicultural crayons or colored pencils. The goal was to spread awareness among kids her age about the variety of skin tone colors available and she succeeded, receiving fundraising donations from everywhere and truly growing the project’s impact. 

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