Bellen's More than Peach™ Project, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

"My big goal is to keep changing the language--and the crayon at time."

(1) to donate & share my More than Peach™ Story & Palette Packets with peers to encourage empathy, leadership, and intellectual curiosity.  I am also donating to senior citizens separated from the families during Covid; (2) to share More than Peach™ with peers & communities across the everyone feels important!  Because that's important! ; (3) to encourage equitable learning environments and  (4) to support innovative programs in education & the cultural arts
Let's join together in moving communities across the country forward through exciting initiatives, projects, and learning from one another! One More than Peach goal is to get multicultural crayons to students of all shades in hopes of building appreciation for one another and our differences.  This is the More than Peach message.  My organization has allowed me to assist many more students and educators in creative ways.   No kid should feel "disincluded."

I'm currently donating More than Peach Sketchbooks & multicultural crayons to elementary students and seniors and will soon be donating more More than Peach More than Peach multicultural colored pencils to middle school students.  So far, I've donated over 4000 Palette Packets--including to seniors who are separated during their families during Covid!  Please contact me at if you or you know a business that can help or if you require a donation for your students! 

Would you like to bring More than Peach to your school or community?  The Educator and District Palette provide the tools and curriculum guidance to bring More than Peach to you.  See the Contact page for more info.


Thank you for inviting me to your schools and workplaces.  Through your welcomes, questions, and many stories you've shared with me, I've also learned a lot and have grown with you. I really appreciate hearing from you and hope that my messages and experiences--and my heart--encourage you to "Be you. BRILLIANT."  I also hope that More than Peach™ continues to inspire you to recognize just how important you are--and how important those around you are, too.  Because, that's important!

Virginia Museum of History & Culture The organization is deeply dedicating to providing enrichment opportunities and supporting programs in special and gifted education.  
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